We are maleic anhydride and epoxy resins and polyurethane specialist
We have every things that every one might have it

Technology and License

maleic anhydride technology of production
BPA epoxy resins with all its derivative like cold cure resin, customer specific resin, adhesives and paints
Epoxy resin hardeners
Polyester polyol


We are taking care of all about basic and detail design of the production plant with the turn key responsibility of construction

Turn key plant construction

We construct the plant based on our own design and fabrication drawing of any needed equipment

We provide best consulting service

Our Service:

  • Feasibility study of any chemical and or petrochemical project
  • Furnishing the projects with selected license and knowhow
  • Engineering of the plant
  • Construction of the plant along with startup of the plant
  • Supporting customers with our up-to-dated formula and knowhow